N.J. Men Facing Gun Charges Following Police Chase in Bridgeport

quinones sharpe mugs
Bridgeport Police Department

Two New Jersey men with handguns were arrested tonight after leading Bridgeport police on a chase, authorities said.

Jonattann Lopez-Quinones, 25, and Rasheed Sharpe, 28, both of New Jersey, were approached by police following a motor vehicle violation on Crescent Avenue. When officers made their way toward the suspects' car, the two sped off, police said.

The vehicle stopped on Connecticut Avenue and Lopez-Quinones jumped out and ran. Sharpe was attempting to break the passenger side window with a handgun and then also began to run, according to police.

Both men were caught by police and are charged with firearm-related counts and other charges.

Bond is set at $300,000 each.

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