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North Haven Students Hold Holiday Drive in Honor of Friend Who Died

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Students at North Haven High School held a holiday cheer collection drive in honor of a friend who died of brain cancer.

The event is put on by friends of Anthony Longley. The 13-year-old lost his battle to cancer about two years ago in December. Since then, his friends and their families have collected toys and food for the community.

"Since the holidays are coming up, we thought it'd be a nice thing to do because people need food they need toys and we're just trying to help out with the community," said organizer Adam Pandolfi.

"These boys were really, really tight. And you know, for them to be able to just keep the legacy going throughout their high school careers and beyond," said organizer Kim Mccrevn.

Mccrevn has four sons that were really close friends with Longley.

The boys used to play football, and they continue to keep his legacy alive on the field by wearing his number on their helmets.

They plan to hold the drive until the boys go away to college.

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