Norwich Approves a $123 Million Budget

The city council in Norwich approved a $123 million budget by a vote of 5-2, with five Republicans versus two Democrats. 

It has just a minimal property tax rate increase of point 7 percent, still too much for one taxpayer.

"They're killing me, they're killing me," said Cheryl Hubbard. "I have a little postage stamp area of land and I pay almost $3,000 a year in taxes. I've got nothing."

City Hall in Norwich, like so many city governments, relies on state government aid. Norwich's subsidy for the next fiscal year shrank by $1 million.

"Well, I've only lived in Norwich for about a month and moved here from Ohio," said Tim Chesser, "and I think property taxes are outrageous to start with, so I'm happy to hear a budget with a little increase but I'd want to know what they cut out to get that.” 

City Hall is cutting a social worker's position, some overtime money for police and some money that would have gone to the Norwich Fire Department went into the general fund. 

Norwich has paid firefighters in the city center, but many of the 40,000 residents rely on volunteer firehouses such as East Great Plain.

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