Nurseries, Landscapers Prepare for Late Season Snow

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Spring is in bloom but with snow headed to the state, nurseries and landscaping businesses in the northern part of Connecticut are preparing for the impact and their spring services.

At the Garden Barn Nursery and Landscape in Vernon, some plants are already being moved inside to protect them from the snow in a safe warm greenhouse.

Garden Barn Nursery and Landscape in Vernon moved different plants and flowers inside to ensure they're safe ahead of potential snow.

"Weather like the snow could really put a little bit of mar on spring where you know, your flowers aren't perfect anymore," said Shawn Gliha, one of the owners of the Garden Barn.

For the perennials that haven't poked through the spring soil yet, the snow could actually help keep them safe.

"If we do get some snow, if the weather is cold, that snow is going to help insulate a lot of the plants, like iries, peonies, and lupines," said Gliha.

Susan Shepard told NBC Connecticut the thought of snow in April is a little upsetting given she just picked up some flowers and plants. The late-season nor'easter is causing her to rethink how she proceeds with the new additions to her garden.

"No, the snow is not something that I'm looking forward to and I'm very disappointed with it coming in April," said Shepard. "I worry about planting them now because I don't want anything to happen to them if we have an exceptionally cold morning."

Working with customers to ensure the spring projects are completed is a top goal for Creative Exteriors Landscape in Vernon. But, a late-season snowfall is expected to put a pause on planting and yard work on Friday.

Creative Exteriors Landscape back lot where materials are stored before projects are completed.

"We do end up having to tell a client, hey, we apologize but the weather is not conducive to this type of work," said Jillian Soucy who works at Creative Exteriors Landscape. "We're hoping it's not going to be too bad, we like to keep an eye on the weather when we're scheduling our projects.

The business mentions that their priority is completing projects in a timely fashion and ensuring customers are happy with the finished product even if a bit of snow will delay them slightly.

"Clients are super excited to be able to get their projects done and we're excited to do them," said Soucy.

Even with the snow on the way, customers still showed up to pick up plants and flowers for their gardens.

"They're worth it, they're beautiful and they really lift your spirts," said Mary Males. "With the current circumstances we're in, I'm really looking forward to planting a little bit more in vegetables and fruits and so forth," said Susan Shepard.

Landscapers say if you have any vegetables, herbs, or annuals and they're outside, you want to bring them inside and if you have already planted them, you want to make sure you cover them to protect against any snow.

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