Officials Urge Residents to Enjoy Weekend Events as Police Focus on Safety

Summer weekends in Connecticut are made to be celebrated and despite recent tragedies in California, Texas and Ohio, this weekend is no different. 

Several communities have outdoor events scheduled this weekend, including Putnam which will host he “Al Fresco, The Voice” event tonight. Those in charge of security want people to enjoy it and are focused on insuring their safety. 

“First and foremost, come, enjoy have fun. Relax,” Putnam Police Chief, Chris Ferace, said. 

Putnam police are very aware of what the nation has faced recently and said they have been vigilant in planning for tonight. The event will be held in Putnam’s Rotary Park. 

Ferace explains, having an outdoor venue is a little different than an indoor arena but they will be ready. 

“We’ll be heavily staffed tonight with our sworn personnel and our auxiliaries,” Ferace said. “We’ll be on look out and we’ll be vigilant.” 

While there will be a strong police presence tonight the chief said it’s always a good idea to have a plan in case of emergency. 

“Have a little bit of situational awareness and be vigilant,” he said. “Keep your head on a swivel. Don’t get caught in the moment so much that you’re oblivious to what’s going on behind you.” 

Chery Bernier lives in Putnam and said she’s never felt unsafe here. She is also a safety professional, who teaches active shooter training and has advice for those attending any major event. 

“Always have your eyes open,” she said. “In the case of any emergency make sure YOU are safe first, before attending to others.”  

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