On-Campus Police at Manchester Community College Allowed to Carry Guns

On-campus police officers at Manchester Community College can now carry guns. 

Connecticut State Colleges & Universities has approved the school’s proposal, which officials said includes training requirements, a use of force policy, an active shooter policy and campus policing procedures. 

Officials from Connecticut State Colleges & Universities said students will be notified and on-campus police will begin to carry firearms immediately. 

“Manchester has satisfactorily completed the process, addressed all the required elements and demonstrated that they are prepared to maintain a safe campus environment,” CSCU President Mark Ojakian said in a statement. “Having armed security is an option for our community college campuses driven by their expressed desire to feel safe. It is up to each campus community if they wish to go that route.” 

In October 2016, the Connecticut Board of Regents approved the process to allow armed police at community colleges in the state.  

Eastern Connecticut State University, Southern Connecticut State University, Central Connecticut State University and Western Connecticut State University have armed police officers and Capital and Gateway Community College have submitted a proposal, according to CSCU.

"This approval gives our POST-Certified Police Officers the designation of a Special Police Force," Gena Glickman, president of MCC, said. "We are fully supportive of the tools our police force needs to ensure the safety of our campus. The security of our students, staff, faculty and visitors is our priority." 

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