Owner of Medical Marijuana Company Arrested on Drug Charges

The owner of a medical marijuana production company in Portland has been arrested on drug charges.

Portland police said the state Department of Consumer Protection reached out to them on June 30 with a complaint about Connecticut Pharmaceuticals in Portland.

Authorities said the owner, 54-year-old Andrew Bozzuto, of Northford, had entered the cure room at the facility the day before, removed marijuana from some bins, placed it in what looked like a paper towel, put in his pocket and left the room.

Soon after, Bozzuto left the facility and was backing through the parking lot when he appeared to pass something to an employee, police said.

The employee then went back into the facility, went to his locker, secured what Bozzuto gave him and notified his supervisor, police said.

The marijuana was then put in a quarantine room and the state Department of Consumer Protection was notified.

Bozzuto voluntarily turned himself in to police on Oct. 2 and has been charged with illegal manufacture, distribution, sale, prescription or dispensing; and illegal possession.

He was held on a $500 bond and is due in court.

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