Parents Voice Concerns Over Platt High School Brawl

One of the girls involved in Monday's brawl at Platt High School that led to a lunchtime lock down said she was trying to protect a friend.

Brittany, who doesn't want her last name used, was charged with breach of peace and suspended for ten days.

"Me and my other friend jumped in to break it up. But then it escalated more and we all kind of started hitting each other," she said.

Too much punishment, said her mother, Leann, who said protecting a friend is something you should do.

"The punishments I think is a little in excess especially some of them it's their first time," she said.

"You know, suspension alright fine. But to be arrested for this I think is kind of, it's drastic."

At least five students were arrested. While Meriden police reported no major injuries, one girl had her arm in a sling for a torn ligament.

According to her mother, Deborah Alers, a police officer breaking up the brawl handled her too roughly.

"He pushed her," she said. "He proceeded to grab her by the arm, flung her. She hit a brick wall and fell on the floor."

Both mothers worry about the damage to their daughters' reputations. One said, "It's high school. Things happen."

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