Party Crasher!

Car Narrowly Misses Woman, Slams Into Party Store

A Hartford woman is lucky to be alive after an out of control car barely missed her.

The car instead crashed into "Fiesta Time," her party goods store on Park Avenue in Hartford.  A witness told NBC 30, “I was on the corner when I heard the bang. I didn’t see nobody, just a guy running.” 

Maria Sanchez says the car was going at least 80 miles per hour when it took out half her store.  She thanks God "because there are people that don’t believe in angels, but today it was proved to me that angels do take care of you.”

Sanchez had just returned from a delivery Friday afternoon when a good samaritan on a bicycle stopped her from walking into the car's path.

"He pushed me to the side, so the car wouldn’t hit me, otherwise I wouldn’t be here talking to you” said Sanchez.

The driver took off running, but police arrested him a short time later.  The car he was in did not have a license plate and was not registered.

Although there were several customers in the store when the vehicle crashed, nobody was hurt.  The police evacuated the apartments above until support beams were brought in to stabilize the building.

Plywood now covers the gaping hole on the side of the building.  Despite the mess, Sanchez says the store will be open for business Saturday.

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