Pastor Who Confronted Police After Arrest in East Haven Church Resigns

An East Haven pastor who confronted police officers after they went into her church to arrest a suspect in a violent case of domestic violence has resigned.

The pastor, Rev. Care Goodstal Spinks, confronted police officers outside Old Stone Church after they arrested 34-year-old Ryan Champlin.


Police said Champlin went to the church Tuesday after assaulting his 59-year-old mother following an argument about him not paying to live at their residence. When Champlin’s mother tried to call 911, her son pushed her to the ground, police said.

Champlin's mother locked herself in her bedroom, but her son kicked the door open, grabbed the cordless phone from her and hit her in head with it several times, breaking the phone, then fled from the home, police said.

Officers received a tip that Champlin had been dropped off at the Old Stone Church at 251 Main St. in East Haven, so officers contacted church employees who said they weren’t sure if Champlin was inside but invited them in to look for him, police said.

After officers apprehended Champlin, the church pastor arrived at the scene and confronted officers after the arrest, saying the church is a sanctuary and officer had no authority to go in.

Church officials responded to the incident through a Facebook post on Thursday night and said the “behavior and language on video by the Intentional Interim Pastor, do not necessarily express the opinions of the wider congregation. We have accepted a letter of resignation from the interim pastor -effective immediately.”


Police said the Old Stone Church runs a daycare, the Old Stone Playschool, out of the same building as the church and they do not believe Champlin was in contact with any children.

Church officials said the arrest of Champlin happened during naptime and in the office, which is located on the other side of the building, and the children did not see what happened.

"The children were safe and never knew what happened. Thanks to our devoted teachers who remained calm in the midst of a very difficult situation. Rev. Care is no longer employed by the Old Stone Church," church officials said in a Facebook post.

NBC Connecticut reached out to the pastor earlier in the week, but she was not available.

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