PCBs in Waterbury School Leads to Move

Most of Building Off Limits to Kindergarten

If you're 6 years old, Carrington Elementary School in Waterbury is yours.  If you're 5, you have to stay in a small portion of the facility.

The issue is that kids 5 and under are more susceptible to the dangers of PCBs, chemicals that can get into your skin and potentially cause cancer.  EPA lowered the maximum exposure level for young children and now the level of PCBs in most of Carrington is too high for kindergartners.

"They do eat lunch in the room as far as I know, so it's OK with me, as long as he's having fun and learning," said April Feola, mother of a kindergartner.

This year's kindergartners are in a wing of the building instead of the room that had been the kindergarten.  They can't use the library or the gym.

"My daughter went here last year in kindergarten," said Sarah McIntyre.  "My second daughter's new this year.  I'm not very concerned.  They've been honest with us so that's always appreciated."

What alarmed many parents was the idea of moving the kindergartners to another facility.

"Now that we are just moving within the school, to another classroom, I guess it's OK.  It's more bother to the teachers than us to be honest with you," said Julie Frangu.

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