Pizza Truck Festival Planned for April

You’ve probably seen food and catering trucks parked along city streets or in parking lots and foodies know they sometimes they have the best food.

That is also true of pizza and a local food truck hopes to get a pizza truck festival going in April in New Haven.

The owner of Big Green Pizza Truck, a pizza catering operation that does pizza parties at houses and businesses, is organizing the festival in honor of the truck’s 10th anniversary.

It will be held at the Sports Haven, 600 Long Wharf Drive in New Haven on April 10. The tentative schedule has the festival running from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and you will you be able to buy a slice or pie.
If you have a pizza truck and want to get involved, you can call Douglas Coffin, the owner of the Big Green Truck Pizza at (203) 710-8678.


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