Police Have “Strong Leads” in Westbrook Gravestones Vandalism

Police said they have strong leads into whoever is responsible for vandlaizing around 44 gravestones in the Old Burying Ground in Westbrook.

The cemetery on Old Clinton Road in the center of town is the oldest in Westbrook, with monuments erected as far back as the 1730s, according to Catherine Neidlinger Doane, who posted photos of the vandalism on the Westbrook Historical Society's Facebook page.

A historical cemetery older than the country itself has been vandalized with tombstones pushed over and some snapped in half.

The vandalism likely happened between late Friday, or Mischief Night, and early on Halloween morning, police said.

About 46 headstones were vandalized. Some were broken at the base, while others were broken in half.

"When this happens, this tears at the very fabric of what's important to Westbrook, which is our community and our community spirit,"First Selectmen Noel Bishop said.

The Westbrook Resident's Troopers Office is investigating and asks the public to contact State Police Troop F in Westbrook with any information at 860-399-2100.

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