Police Investigate Reports of Abduction, Robbery at Hartford Auto Shop

Hartford police are investigating reports of an abduction and armed robbery at an automotive shop in Hartford on Tuesday night.

Police responded to M&J Auto, at 241 Ledyard St., in the South Meadows neighborhood, at 10:41 p.m., a time they said the business is usually closed.

The victims told police they were working late when four to five men wearing ski masks and black clothing came in with guns and demanded money, police said.

One of the victims said his father, who had been in the shop with them, was abducted and the intruders took him in a small black Cadillac SUV.

About an hour after police brought the victims to the Hartford Police Department, officers learned the victim's father was on Interstate 91 South, by exit 8, and he was not injured.

Hartford Police then brought the man back to the Hartford Police Department to be interviewed.

Around $200 was reported stolen from the shop, but no cars, tools of electronics taken from the shop.

The investigation is ongoing.

Police said the motive is not clear and detectives are trying to determine why the auto shop, which is in an industrial neighborhood, would by the target of an armed robbery and abduction at that time of night.

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