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Classroom Full of Students Hit By Gunfire at New Haven School

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New Haven police are increasing patrols at schools in Westville after a shooting Monday morning outside Catholic Academy.

This all started just before 9 a.m., when police say a man – recently released from prison – was dropping of a child to school. Someone was waiting for him outside and opened fire.

Parents said they’re angry.

“I’m utterly disgusted by the events that took place today,” said Aisa Perry, whose daughter attends Catholic Academy of New Haven.

Ten shots were fired outside the school, seven striking the building and one hitting a classroom. No one was hurt, but fear struck Perry.

“It was very heart wrenching,” said Perry. “It was very, very scary not knowing what was going down.”

Police a man described as a caretaker took a child to class. He was shot multiple times as he walked outside the school doors.

“He is known to us, he is a gang member from the city that’s had multiple issues in the past,” said Assistant Chief Karl Jacobson. “So we don’t believe the neighborhood itself is in jeopardy.”

Police said he has non life-threatening injuries, but won’t release any more details on who he is.

“Not going to give names for safety reasons, but I will say he was acquitted of murder and is a suspect in several shootings,” said Jacobson. “And he only got out of prison in November of 2019.”

The school was put on lockdown, as well as other schools in the area. Police say they’ll have an increased presence before and after school for the rest of the week.

Alderman Richard Furlow said he’ll also be outside talking with parents.

“I’m going to be outside Mauro-Sheridan for the rest of this week because they were also on lockdown, and make sure that our schools and our parents have the answers that they need,” said Furlow.

Police said they’ll continue to search for the suspects who put young lives at risk.

“Whatever the beef and the issue is between the victim and the suspects, innocent children and the community was put in danger here, and the police department will do everything, like we always do, to arrest this individual,” said Assistant Chief Renee Dominguez.

The Archdiocese of Hartford released a statement saying the lockdown procedure was “…exercised with total precision,” and they’re proud of the students, faculty and staff. Counselors are available for the students, and the extra police patrols could continue even after the students return from the holiday break.

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