Police Identify Men Killed in Milford Murder-Suicide

Police say the men were acquaintances.

Two men died in a murder-suicide in Milford on Wednesday.

Milford police originally got a call reporting a shooting at 31 Hollywood Avenue and found 56-year-old Michael Savignano shot in the chest outside, police said. He died at Bridgeport Hospital.

While police were at the scene on Hollywood Avenue, officers saw 48-year-old Vincent Edwards running from the scene and into his house at 16 Midway Avenue.

"[Police] surrounded the house. They spotted a man up on the roof holding a hand gun. He pointed it at the officers, at which time the officers took cover. The man fired a shot; we don’t know where that shot went," Chief Keith Mello said. "Shortly thereafter he fired a second shot, and the male shot himself in the head and died there on the roof."

As of 4:10 p.m., the body was still on the roof covered in a tarp as police waited for a search warrant. Police have since secured search warrants to search the Midway Avenue house.

People in the area of Midway Avenue heard gunshots around 12:45 p.m. 

"When we pulled over we heard distinct popping sounds that you recognize what you're listening for," said Doreen Harker, of Milford, who was with her mother at the time. "She saw somebody running, an officer or someone in dark clothes running, and we scooted off after the police came down."

Police said the shooting was an isolated incident and believe Vincent and Savignano knew each other. The nature of their relationship is unclear.

"It was a situation that went poorly between two people," said neighbor Jack Connors. "It was pretty much a private matter between them."

Jonathan Law High School was briefly locked down because of its close proximity to the shooting.

"My girlfriend has kids that are at the high school, and the high school is in lockdown, but I didn't even know what was going on," said Bob Maguire, of Milford.

Traffic was diverted from the area.

Meadows End Road was closed between Lansdale Avenue and Meadowside Road, but has since reopened.

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