Police Seek Package Thief Caught on Camera

New Haven police are searching for the man caught on surveillance camera stealing packages four different times at the same apartment building.

According to residents, the crime spree has been going on for weeks.  Police say packages have been stolen from homes and apartments across Wooster Square.

Surveillance cameras captured a man walking into an apartment complex at Chapel and Franklin Streets on March 18th.   In the surveillance video, the suspect is seen carrying a bag full of packages that do not belong to him.  The next afternoon he comes back and rips off tenants again.  Cameras also caught him hauling out even more packages from apartment complex in the following two days.

“Frustration, anger all those emotions come through,” said Justin Ritz.  He lives in the building and said he came home to a mess when the crook rummaged through his Amazon shipments and took off with everything inside. “It’s kind of scary to think there’s someone lurking around your building,” Ritz explained.

It turns out Ritz was victimized twice that week when the thief kept showing up. “Amazon resent the stuff then he stole it again,” Ritz added.

Neighbors said the same tactic was used at an apartment building down the way on Olive Street.  Packages also keep getting snatched up from homes across the Wooster Square area.  “The people who are looking to steal packages know who we are they know when packages are being delivered,” explained Peter Webster.  Webster, a block watch captain, just sent an email to neighbors warning them about the crimes and telling them to be alert. “It’s up to us to do our part to keep ourselves safe,” Webster added.

Meantime, authorities say if you are not home, it’s best to get your packages sent elsewhere or held at the shipping office so they aren’t in plain view.  After the problems there, it’s advice Justin Ritz is taking. “I started sending expensive stuff to my girlfriend's house just to make sure there’s no issues with it,” Ritz said.

Landlords and complexes in the area are stepping up security by making sure the front door is locked and by putting in a security code.  That way, only tenants can get in.

Anyone with information regarding the thefts is urged to call New Haven police at 203-946-6316.

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