Father, Daughter Dead After Apparent Murder-Suicide in Norwalk: Police

A father and daughter were found dead after a standoff on Wilton Avenue in Norwalk, according to police, and they said it appears the 55-year-old man shot his 33-year-old daughter in the head sometime yesterday or last night, then shot himself this morning.

Norwalk police were called to a home on Wilton Avenue at 12:32 a.m. Monday after Melissa Wilkinson's coworkers found her dead, according to police.

They had been concerned because she did not show up for work Sunday evening, so they went to the house, looked through the window and saw her lying on the floor, covered in blood, police said. 

After kicking in the door, they found she was dead, according to police.

They also saw a man sitting on a couch, holding a gun, and mumbling to himself, police said.

Police identified him as Melissa's father, 55-year-old Mark Wilkinson, and said he had been staying with his daughter at her home.

Police tried to speak with him, but he refused. A standoff ensued for several hours until officers heard a gunshot.

When they sent in a camera, they saw Mark Wilkinson was dead, police said.

Neighbors were evacuated from their homes to a shelter at the fire department during the standoff. Around 7 a.m. police said residents could return home.

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