Police Warn Guilford Residents About Suspicious Flyer

The flyer looks like a public service notice about 'gang stalking,' but police say the flyers contain fraudulent information.

Police have received numerous complaints about suspicious flyers being placed in Guilford mailboxes that reference "gang stalking" in the area and advise residents to throw them out.

The flyers have the header, "Public Safety Notice: Gang Stalking" and warn readers of "illegal surveillance and harassment of targeted individuals" and say "often the stalking is done for vengeance or to silence potential whistle blowers."

The flyer identifies its author as Shoreline Real Estate Company and the operation coordinator as Tony Fappiano, also referring people to call police for more information. But police said Fappiano filed a complaint with police stating that he is not associated with the flyers and police said the department isn't involved either.

"This flyer is not endorsed by the Guilford Police Department and there have been no reports of stalking similar to this in the town of Guilford," police said in a news release.

Police advised residents to throw the flyers out and contact police if they have questions. Anyone who can identify the sender is asked to contact police at 203-453-8061 or call the anonymous tip line at 203-453-8240. 

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