Prison Tipster Leads to Crenshaw Capture

After a five-month search, a man suspected of killing his ex-girlfriend was nabbed by police. 

Darryl Crenshaw, 25, was in Mexico, in a prison, under an assumed name, said authorities. 

The search for Crenshaw began in August after Ashley Peoples’ family reported her missing and her body was found in Crenshaw’s Enfield apartment.

Police asked the public for help in finding Crenshaw and warned people who crossed his path to be cautious. He had made threats against police and they considered him extremely dangerous, they said. They also broadcast his mug shot on several billboards.

America’s Most Wanted turned up the heat on the search by broadcasting the story. They put him in the national spotlight again on Dec. 20, when they included him in the Top Ten Fugitives episode, according to the AMW Web site.

The show received a tip from a man in a Florida prison who said he recognized Crenshaw as a man he served time with in Mexico, the show Web site reports. U.S. Marshals investigated.

On Tuesday night, the U.S. Marshals received a mug shot from Mexican authorities of a man they had in custody. The man, who was going by the name of Josh Bruff, was being held in Mexico on an immigration violation, America’s Most Wanted reports.

He was claiming to be from Jamaica, but had no papers to prove it, authorities said, according to AMW.

On Wednesday, U.S. Marshals used fingerprints to confirm that Bruff was Crenshaw.

"I was so overwhelmed I didn't know what to say, who to call, what to think, all I could think was this is the day, and I thank God for this day," said Patricia Baskerville, Ashley's mother, when she learned Crenshaw had been captured.

"I said it would be a blessing if he did, and then when I got home, I got my dream and I was really happy," said Morgan Baskerville, Ashley's younger sister.

Ashley's family said the past five months have been tough.

"Ashley was my right hand woman.  You never miss something until it's gone, and I have truly missed her so much.  It's been so hard on me and the girls.  I never realized how much I depended on her," said Patricia Baskerville.

Crenshaw will be charged with capitol felony/murder.  Ashley's family hopes he'll plead guilty to that charge. 

"But I do want to see Darryl and face him to let him see what he's put me, my family and my girls through and to let him know that she was loved and to ask why, why would he take such a beautiful jewel away from us," said Patricia Baskerville.

Crenshaw will be extradited to the United States.  He's expected to be flown into New York City Thursday afternoon.  Then he will return to Connecticut.

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