Putnam Man Disputes $900 Data Charge

Mark Dieterle had sticker shock when he opened his March wireless statement.

Inside was a bill for $1,001.77. Dieterle said that’s 10 times the amount he usually pays.

According to his statement, Dieterle went well over his monthly data allowance.

Dieterle had 349 MB to use that month but his wireless bill said he used 13,753 MB. The extra usage totaled $900.

Dieterle immediately questioned the charges. He told NBC Connecticut Responds the extra line for his tablet costs $10 a month. He added that the tablet is connected to his home WiFi and never leaves his nightstand.

Dieterle said the customer service agent he spoke with agreed. The agent told Dieterle he would submit a request for a $900 credit.

When Dieterle called back a few days later, a different agent told him a $450 credit was applied to Dieterle’s account. Dieterle said the agent could not explain why he did not receive the full credit.

That’s when Dieterle emailed Responds for help.

After our consumer team asked the company to investigate, Dieterle said he received a call from the wireless carrier, letting him know the remaining balance was wiped out.

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