2 People, 2 Dogs Rescued From Enfield Fire

Enfield firefighters said two people and two dogs were rescued from a burning home on Riverdale Road on Friday afternoon.

Neighbors helped one woman to safety, while a police officer aided another woman.

"Let’s hope and pray. That’s what we do as neighbors. We help each other out and get help when they need it," Mike Sullivan of Enfield, said.

Firefighters said one of the women was treated for burns, while the other was examined for possible smoke inhalation.

Sullivan said he and another person helped take care of the two dogs that were then taken to animal control to be checked.

Investigators will figure out the cause of the fire, which heavily damaged the home.

Firefighters had the fire under control in less than 30 minutes.

The conditions were challenging with the cold turning the area icy and gusty winds.

"Wind driven fires are the bane of fire service. It just makes firefighting so much tougher," Enfield Fire Chief Ed Richards, Enfield Fire, said.

A search was started for a possible third dog that may be missing.

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