Sanders, Clinton Campaign Organizing in Connecticut

With 25 days to go until the Presidential Primary in Connecticut, representatives for both the Sanders Campaign and Hillary for America have taken up shop in Hartford.

At Sanders headquarters, worker were stuffing envelopes and getting ready to canvass over the weekend.

“We’re engaging volunteers, we’re knocking on doors, and we’re making phone calls" said Paul Feeney, the Sanders Campaign's Connecticut State Director. he also managed the operation for the campaign in Massachusetts, and says voters in Connecticut are familiar with what Sanders is selling.

“People know the message. I think they’re starting to pay attention a little bit more" Feeney said. "I think as they pay more attention they’ll be inclined to be with Bernie and we hope that that carries us through to victory.”

The Clinton campaign has had a head start of support due to the wide ranging statewide endorsements. Every member of Congress who represents Connecticut has endorsed Clinton, as well as Governor Dannel Malloy.

“I think what gives us a leg up is that they’ll work for hard for Connecticut" said Michael Mandell, the Connecticut State Director for Hillary for America. "Aside from the Superdelegate vote to which they are committed, they’re going to make sure the people that elected them are going to come out to vote on April 26th.”

The Clinton campaign has opened operations in Westport and Stamford in recent weeks.
Mandell says people should expect to see and hear Clinton supporters as p[rimary day approaches.

“We’re going to ramp up around the state and make sure that every vote counts because there’s a great message to be told and the volunteers have been doing it admirably for a long time and we just want to help them.”

Feeney, with the Sanders campaign, says the group is using similar tactics as they have in other states. He says they're going to go door to door to individuals to peddle his message. Feeney added that Sanders as a candidate has a different view of Connecticut, than Clinton does, who's held multiple high-cost fundraisers in the state.

“We know our path to victory in this campaign is to build an organization, not to borrow one. We don’t see Connecticut as an ATM where we can head into certain towns and do fundraisers" he said.

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