Shoreline Cleans Up Again

Residents along the shoreline are digging out on Thursday and cleaning up after Wednesday's nor'easter dumped a foot of snow in some areas.

Days after Hurricane Sandy ravaged Cosey Beach Avenue in East Haven, plow trucks were out clearing mounds of snow and sleet.

Carl Grindley said he is still repairing his home after Tropical Storm Irene and Hurricane Sandy.

"It did everything from ruin our furnace, to our hot water heating, to our electric, well everything thing; structural damage. You name it, we had it," Grindley said.

Tom Carroll, of West Haven, woke up early Thursday to shovel out his driveway and sidewalk.

"For me, it's the end of this hedge all the way to the end of that hedge, so we gotta clear the way," he said.

Carroll said he lucked out this season. Hurricane Sandy only caused minor flooding to his home and digging out after this latest storm is not a problem.

"Same story again, same stuff again," he said.

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