Connecticut Could See $2.8 Billion, More Than 40k Jobs

Connecticut is in line for nearly $3 million in stimulus funds

As Washington finalizes its plan to send some cash into the economy and get it breathing again, , it looks like Connecticut will get about $2.8 billion over the next two years, Sen. Joe Lieberman said.

The Connecticut independent took part in final negotiations that yielded a $789 billion recovery bill on Wednesday. A vote in the House is expected by Friday, while the Senate's schedule is uncertain.

The entire delegation released statistics Thursday expecting 41,000 new jobs to be created in Connecticut.  Those stats predict approximately 8,000 per congressional district.

The state faces an estimated budget deficit of at least $1 billion this fiscal year and an estimated $10 billion over the next two years, so $2.8 billion would help.

Gov. M. Jodi Rell has been counting on $2 billion in federal stimulus money.

Lieberman said the stimulus money for Connecticut would include $1.3 billion through Medicaid and $1.5 billion in grants.

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