Smile! Cameras are Catching Speeders

The town is believed to be the first in the state to install speed cameras. 

While state law doesn't let towns use these cameras for enforcement  purposes, a release from the town says it will "use the camera for public awareness in its traffic calming campaign". 

That means a color photo of your car speeding by (15 miles per hour above the limit) will be sent to the cops, who will match the license plate to your name and address.  And yes, you'll get a letter in the mail containing a warning.

Police say they chose the first location on the Boulevard between Plymouth Road and Whiting Lane because of its high accident history and incidents of speeding.
The four solar-powered displays cost $4,000 each and the upgraded unit with the camera costs $13,000.  That is being paid for, in these tight economic times, by the town's Traffic Calming Fund.  Town leaders said they feel that these units will be much more effective and far less expensive in reminding people to be safe drivers than a physical redesign of the roadway.

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