Smile! Security Cameras Could Come to Milford Beaches

Many enjoying a summer stroll along Broadway in the Wildermere Beach neighborhood Monday night were surprised to hear security cameras could soon capture their every move.

"I am surprised, but I have heard comments about the fight," said Nina Jackson.

"The Fight" is how many neighbors refer to a melee on May 3. It happened after a party at a Bridgewater Street home rented by college students got out of control.

"There was a fight out here where someone took a BB gun and shot someone in the eye," said Michael Stephens, who lives nearby.

Neighbors say there were 200 people involved that night, some armed with bats and bricks. At one point, neighbors say one car rammed several others and state troopers had to come help Milford police officers break it all up.

"It was scary," describes Carol Finn of Milford.

Finn says since then police have stepped up patrols, but with budget cuts, there are three less police officers on the force.

As the neighborhood continues to grow along Wildermere and Walnut Beaches, so do noise, speeding and disorderly conduct complaints.

That's why the police department is looking at using federal grant money to install cameras to help deter crime.

"I think it's a good idea, although I can honestly say I've never had a problem in this area," said Nina Jackson.

"My feelings are mixed on that," said Michael Stephens. "I can see it during the off season, when homeowners aren't here and they rent the homes out to college kids, I can see a need for that, but not even on a regular basis."

As she walked past a few million dollar homes on during an evening stroll Monday night, Carol Finn can see the need for the cameras.

"If I owned a beautiful house down here like this, I'd certainly want it," Finn said

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