Several Spinouts on I-91 in Windsor

There have been several crashes and spinouts through the Hartford area on Tuesday morning, including in the Windsor on Interstate 91 North. 

There are also delays on I-91 South in New Haven to Interstate 95 after a box truck crashed. 

We have fair skies for the first part of Tuesday and showers are possible during the evening commute.

There's no wind and while it's dark you'll have a nice view of the stars and plantets, according to NBC Connecticut First Alert Meteorologist Bob Maxon. 

Temperatures range from the teens to as high as 41 in Groton and Stoningtion due to a mild breeze coming off the water on the southeastern shoreline. Colder air is settling into some valley locations in the state. It's about 26 and clear in Hartford. Danbury is at 16 degrees.

Clouds will start to form in the afternoon into the evening, with possible sprinkling and scattered showers later on for the evening drive. Temperatures are expected to rise as high as the mid-40s.

Cold air moves in, at least aloft, on Wednesday, and that could yield a flurry in the hills. Temperatures will reach the low 40s, probably earlier in the day.

Mostly sunny skies make another appearance Thursday before clouds move in Friday.

An offshore storm needs to be watched as the work week comes to a close.

Temperatures, especially the highs, remain above average throughout the week.

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