Sounds of Saving a Band Teacher's Job in Monroe

Saving a job in Monroe sounds a lot like music.  Dozens of music students at Masuk High School picked up their instruments and played.  It’s their way of protesting the Board of Education’s decision to lay off their band teacher, Aaron Barkon.

“When they see how much Mr. Barkon means to us and this program, I hope it’ll make a difference and make them see we need to keep him at the school,” said Audrey Vaughn, a senior at Masuk.

Barkon was laid off due to budget cuts and the “last one in, first one out” philosophy.  His students say the Board made a huge mistake and took that message to the Board of Education meeting Monday night.

“I see this man as the glue that holds the band together.  Without him our foundation would crumble like a house of cards,” said one band member.

Students, parents and alumni took to the microphone, urging the Board to reconsider its decision.  The Board admitted the students were persuasive and sincere.  It will now take another look at the budget and try and find the money needed to reinstate teachers.

“I have to say this issue is certainly not closed,” said Dr. Colleen Palmer, the superintendent.

It’s news that’s music to the band student’ ears.

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