Stamford Police Seek Purse Snatchers

Stamford police are looking for two suspects caught on surveillance footage who may be connected to a purse snatching just before noon on Monday.

Two men "accosted" a woman walking by herself on Gay Street in Stamford toward the town center at about 11:55 a.m. on Monday, police said. One of the men grabbed hold of her purse and the woman struggled with the two men before they were able to pull the purse from her grasp.

No one was injured but the robbers did take the woman's cash, credit card and cell phone, according to police.

The suspects ran in the northbound direction with her purse, around the corner and into a parking garage on Bedford Street, according to police and surveillance footage.

Surveillance cameras show a suspect with a hooded sweatshirt with writing across it who is carrying a purse.

Police ask anyone with information on the case or identities of the suspects to contact the detective bureau at 203-977-4417. If you see either suspect, alert the police instead of approaching them, police said.

Members of the public can make anonymous tips over the phone or send a message to Stamford police through its Facebook page.

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