State Fires Off Machine Gun Law

According to state lawmakers, the Connecticut law concerning the use of machine guns is vague.

So when an 8-year-old Connecticut boy accidentally shot himself to death at a firing range in Massachusetts last October, legislators decided to take some action.  An age limit on the use of machine guns would have to be established here in Connecticut.

On Tuesday, the legislature's judiciary committee approved a law that would prohibit the use of a machine gun by anyone below the age of 16.  And that would apply to any circumstance, whether it be at a firing range or any place else.  There would be severe penalities, up to 6 years in jail, for anyone allowing a minor to use a machine gun.

From here, the bill goes to the Senate, where approval is expected, then to the House.  With no opposition to the bill, Governor Rell will sign it.

Christopher Bizilj, 8, of Ashford, was the victim in Massachusetts accident.  Three organizers of that gun show have been indicted in the case, including the former police chief in Pelham, Nasachusetts.  Their cases are pending.

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