Street Signs Being Stolen in Canterbury

Stolen street, speed and stop signs are becoming an all too common occurrence in Canterbury, according to the first selectman.

“In the past we have had a sign disappear every once in a while, but we have had a rash of 20-24 sings disappear in a two month period,” said First Selectman Roy Piper.

Between materials and manpower, Piper said the cost of replacing the signs is adding up, but his real concern is the cost to public safety.

“The biggest thing is the fact it could delay response for emergency responders and it could also potentially cause an accident,” Piper said.

The street sign on Gay Head Road is one of the many that has gone missing more than once. Gretchen Droesch said her sign on Cemetery Road is often taken as well.

“They don’t think about others or the consequences of their actions,” said Droesch.

Piper thinks the culprit is likely an individual or group of individuals recycling the metals for money. He says the best bet to keep them from cashing in is for a member of the community to come forward.

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