Summertime Segway Tours on New London Shoreline

Wheeling City Tours allows you to glide along the New London shoreline, eat fantastic foord fomr local restaurants located right on the water and take in all the sights. 

"We talk about things that different people might be interested in," said Kristin Harkness of Wheeling City Tours. "If you're interested in architecture we know a fair amount about that, if you like the history there's a ton of history here in new London if you just want to have fun on the segways we have plenty of that."

Harkness said if you've never ridden on a Segway, tour guides are happy to teach you.

"We love teaching people this very new technology," explains Dawn Harkness of Wheeling City Segway Tours. "It's a new skill and we've taught anybody from 14 to 84 that's been our oldest customer and everybody's had a blast on it."

While on the tour, people can stop for food and enjoy the sights on the water. 

"We go to Devs and we get Tapas, Devs on Bank and then we go out to Capatin Scotts and we get a lobster roll we go all around Fort Trumble which is completely beautiful there's gorgeous paths, water views," Kristin said. "And then we come on back and get an ice cream cone at Berrys ice cream and candy bar. Then we give you the drink coupon because no drinking on the segways so we give you the drink coupon to go to hot rods."

Not only do the tours provide an incredibly unique way to see and eat your way through New London, they also benefit local businesses.

"They promote downtown New London, we're just excited that we can offer a small bite as part of the tour, as part of a taste of New London, as part of Wheeling City," said Candace Devendittis, the owner of Dev's.

"They give a lot of information about all the local businesses as they're segwaying past all of us,"  Laura Beckham from Berry's Ice Cream said. "And it's just a great way to incorporate all the small businesses."

The Dine and Glide tours run every Thursday for $95.

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