Surprise Engagement on CT Fastrak

 Kelly Belanger of Plainville was excited to celebrate her 30th birthday on Saturday with a pub crawl but her boyfriend had bigger plans.

The couple and friends had planned to ride the CT Fastrak and stop at bars along the busway that runs from New Britain to Hartford.  Belanger thought she had enough bling with the tiara she had chosen to wear as the birthday girl but she was about to be pleasantly surprised.

When Belanger and her boyfriend, Jonathan Goldberg, arrived at the Cedar Street CT Fastrak station in Newington, there was an extra message scrolling across the digital screen.  Below the schedule of bus arrivals read the words "Kelly, will you marry me?"  

Goldberg presented Belanger with a ring and she, of course, said "yes."  The couple then boarded the bus and commenced the birthday and engagement celebration.

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