Potty-Beaked Parrot Stolen from New Haven Home

A thief apparently needed someone to talk to when he or she stole a pet parrot with a 5-year-old’s vocabulary from a New Haven home.

A house sitter discovered Georgie, the Congo African Grey Parrot, missing on Monday, the New Haven Register reports.

The only things that were taken from the Blatchley Avenue in the Fair Haven neighborhood were the parrot and a laptop computer. Other valuables in plain view were left untouched.

The bird is estimated to be worth about $2,000, the Register reports.

Aleatha C. Keene, who works for the Board of Education as a security guard at James Hillhouse High School, was house sitting for a friend who is out of the country for a funeral.  She told the Register that the bird as "very vocal."

She knows the names of the people who live at the home and even speaking a bit of Spanish. Keene also admits to the newspaper that Georgie “knows numerous curse words, unfortunately.”

New Haven Police Officer Joe Avery told the newspaper this was the first time he’d heard of a domesticated bird being stolen in a residential burglary.

Keene called her friend to deliver the bad news,

“She took it very hard. She had that bird for six years. That was like her child,” she told the newspaper.

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