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Thieves Steal Car, Try to Take More in North Haven

North Haven police generic

Police are looking for the group of people accused of stealing a car from a home in North Haven and also trying to steal more the following day.

Officials said thieves stole a car from a home on Christine Road on Friday. The homeowner left their car unlocked with the keys inside.

The next day, the thieves arrived at the Best Western Hotel on Washington Avenue in the stolen car and tried to steal from at least one other car, taking a purse that was left in plain view, according to police.

They then drove off to a nearby gas station where they tried to steal another car, but were unsuccessful in doing so because they were confronted by the car's owner.

While this happened, a different car entered the Best Buy parking lot on Universal Drive. A catalytic converter was taken from a car and the thieves fled, police said.

The same car was involved in a similar theft in Milford not long after.

Officers tried to pull over the car but were unable to. Police can't pursue a car for crimes that aren't violent in nature.

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