Truck Drivers Rescue Toddler Walking Alone on Route 6 in Farmington

Two truck drivers rescued a toddler walking alone on Route 6 in Farmington on Saturday morning and stayed with him until police were able to find his parents.

Francisco and Henry were driving a tractor-trailer on Route 6 in Farmington around 7:30 a.m. when they saw a 3-year-old boy, barefoot, wrapped in a blanket, wandering on the side of the road, they said.

Francisco said he slammed on the brakes and stopped the vehicle and Henry jumped out of the passenger side. Henry said the little boy ran right into his arms, but was nonverbal and couldn't say where he had come from.

The two truck drivers stayed with the boy until Farmington Police could find the child's frantic parents. The boy's father ran to the scene and hugged the two men after being reunited with his son.

It is unclear if the father is facing charges. 

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