Trump's Reported Expletive Hits Home for Connecticut Immigrants

NBC Connecticut combed through 2016 U.S. Census data to learn how many of the state’s immigrants came from nations of which President Donald Trump reportedly called "s--thole countries."

The data indicates Connecticut has roughly half a million immigrants living in the state.

Of that population, 21,000 people are from African nations and most of which are from western Africa.

Roughly 13,000 of the state’s immigrants came from Haiti and 5,600 people came from El Salvador.

Trump mentioned each of those nations and regions while discussing immigration policy on Jan 11, according to NBC News.

Reports also indicate Trump said he believes the United States should have more people coming in from countries like Norway, which makes up less than one-tenth of one percent of Connecticut’s immigrants with 544 people.

More than half of the state’s African and El Salvadoran populations live in either Hartford or New Haven counties, while most of the Haitian population lives in Fairfield County, as do most of the state’s Norwegians.

The state’s top nation as a source of immigration is India.

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