Another Arrest in Mailbox Marijuana Delivery


Middletown police say the search is over for the main suspect who was attempting to receive more than 56 pounds of marijuana through the mail

Theodore Freeman, Jr., 43, walked into police headquarters Monday and turned himself in on drug charges, police said.

The lengthy investigation resulted in the arrests of two of Freeman's family members who are also facing charges in the case. 

Last month, two boxes of pot, weighing about 29 pounds, were delivered to the Middletown home where Johnnie Mae Mitchell, 58, took the packages inside. Police said she accepted them for her nephew, Freeman.

“I picked the boxes up, took them in the front room, laid them on the floor and I went back in the kitchen. Then 15 minutes later I went upstairs.  A few minutes after that, I heard a lot of noise,” Mitchell told NBC Connecticut.

Minutes later, police stormed the home and arrested Mitchell and her older brother Theodore Roosevelt Freeman, Sr., 65.  Police said Mitchell and Freeman claimed the packages belonged to Freeman’s son. 

Freeman Sr. told police his son lives on Long Hill Road and works at the post office. When detectives showed up to arrest Freeman Jr. at work, he was nowhere to be found. He had left work with no explanation, post office employees said.

Both Mitchell and Freeman Sr. told investigators they have accepted numerous packages in the past for Freeman Jr., all of which were similar in size and weight.

Police said two other packages weighing a total of 28 pounds were also seized at a shipping facility in Louisville, Kentucky. Both packages were again addressed to Roosevelt Freeman in Middletown. Police said the total street value is about $130,000.

“It’s a good thing that it’s not on the street anymore. I can’t imagine someone trying to do that through the mail. It doesn’t seem very bright,” said Nicole Daloisio of Middletown.

Both Mitchell and Freeman Sr. now face a slew of charges including possession and intent to sell. 

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