Waterbury Deaths Ruled Murder-Suicide

Police said the father shot the daughter, then set the house on fire.

A  59-year-old Waterbury man shot and killed his 39-year-old daughter, doused the couch in accelerate and ignited it and then shot himself, police said.

Police found the bodies of Audley Morgan, 59, and his daughter, Suzette Morgan, 39, while investigating a fire at 78 Clover Street on Thursday evening.

Firefighters had a difficult time getting into the house because the doors and windows were secured with plywood and steel.

The Morgans were from Jamaica, neighbors said, and believed the government was after them. 

Fire officials said the home should have been vacant. 

"The building was considered to be a vacant structure. The power was shut off to the building and the building was fortified to keep vagrants or persons out," Asst. Fire Chief Mike Couture said.

Neighbors said the victims who lived in the house were known as "The Umbrella Guys." They were private people who weren't out in the public much, Hotchkiss said. 

"I only got as far as we are here, and then the widows blew out. By that time, the house was engulfed in flames. Flames were shooting out," Ed Hotchkiss, a neighbor, said. "I saw the man mowing the lawn one time with just a canopy over him."

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner performed autopsies and said it appeared that the father shot the daughter in the head, started the fire and then shot himself in the head. 

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