Two Fires In Two Days At West Haven Multi-Family House

For the second time in two days firefighters in West Haven find themselves putting out a fire at the same address. On Friday flames engulfed a three-story multi-family home on Blohm Street.

Witnesses say flames were seen shooting out of the top floor.

One neighbor said, “I look down here and I saw the flames about 30 feet from the back of the house with the smoke pouring out of the chimney.”

The fire quickly tore through the building at 210 Blohm Street, which was home to as many as ten tenants at one point.

All the owners could do was stand by and watch.

“I believe the damage is real, real, real bad,” said Miguel Castillo, the son of the owner.

He says there was a small fire in the basement on Thursday. They’re not sure what sparked either of them.

“Just yesterday we had a small fire in the basement, right now we have a big fire on the third floor,” said Castillo. “So I don’t know…she’s real disappointed.”

Luckily no one lived inside the home because of Thursday’s fire. The utilities had been shut off since then. Firefighters say they’re not ruling anything out, including arson.

“The homeowner is one site, we’ve talked to some of the neighbors,” said Chief James O’Brien of the West Haven Fire Department. “We’re questioning some witnesses and our fire marshal office has just arrived on scene and they’re starting their investigation.”

No one was injured in the fire.

The chief said the building was badly damaged.

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