Uber Lets Users Schedule Rides

Starting September 1, business passengers in Hartford, New Haven, Stamford and Bridgeport who use the popular ride-sharing app, Uber, can schedule rides 15 minutes to 30 days in advance.

Any rider with a work email address can create a business profile within their existing account. Eligible users will notice the “Schedule a Ride” button when opening the app.

Users give Uber the trip’s destination points and the requested pickup time. Uber then shows a fare estimate, which may increase significantly during “surge pricing,” or rides that happen during peak hours.

Users will get three reminders—24 hours and 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled pickup time, and when the driver is on the way. Those notifications will show whether surge pricing applies.

Passengers can cancel the trip for free if they change their mind up until the point the driver leaves for a request, as stated in Uber’s general policy.

Uber launched “Scheduled Rides” in Seattle on June 9 and has continued its global rollout ever since. Uber Connecticut plans to expand to all users in the next few weeks.

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