UConn Mens' Hoop Skill Far Outshines Academic Performance

UConn ranks low on academic bracket.

UConn men might be a #3 seed in the NCAA Tournament bracket, but the program has failed to achieve quite the same ranking when it comes to academics.

Inside Higher Ed posted an NCAA bracket based on Academic Performance rating based on the NCCA's Academic Progress and Graduation Success rates and it shows UConn losing to Bucknell in the first round and Butler going all the way.

Of the 68 schools in the "Big Dance," UConn was ranked 56th in academics, with a rating just above the level where they could be subject to penalties, the Hartford Courant reports.

"While it's acknowledged that there are unique situations involving men's basketball graduation rates nationally, certainly everyone in our program would like to see higher rates," athletic director Jeff Hathaway told Courant. "Our basketball coaches and academic support staff continue to focus on achieving enhanced results from our current team members. In addition, we have an aggressive degree completion program for our former student-athletes of which many have returned to graduate including Donyell Marshall, Scott Burrell and Rod Sellers."

UConn's graduation rate is 31 percent since the 2003-04 season and the Huskies are one of only nine NCAA tournament teams with a rate of 40 percent or lower.

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