UConn Releases Details on COVID-19 Protocols Ahead of Students' Return to Campus

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The University of Connecticut has unveiled a portal to keep its community informed of COVID-19 safety protocols as it prepares for students' return to campus for the fall semester.

UConn has been planning on a hybrid model of classes, with some in-person and others online. Students are returning to campus, but with housing capacity reduced by 30% to promote safe living and social distancing practices. Classroom capacity has also been adjusted to allow for social distancing.

Students living on campus will be required to participate in a 14-day quarantine before the start of the semester. This quarantine period will not be as stringent as a medical quarantine - students will not be confined in their rooms - but there will be limitations and students are expected to remain on campus.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, the university offered more details on what the return to campus will look like.

Face coverings will be required while students are on campus, as well as physical distancing. Students will not be allowed to attend in-person classes or events without a face covering, and those who do not follow the safety protocols may be referred to Community Standards or removed from university housing.

Gatherings will be required to meet state guidelines, and all student organizations will meet virtually until September 20.

Five dining options will be open, first with just take-out options available, though this may change to allow dine-in options as the fall semester gets underway.

Classes are scheduled to begin on August 31.

For more information on UConn's reopening plans, click here.

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