Expanding Campus Makes for Parking Problems at UConn

Student parking is at a premium on the ever-expanding University of Connecticut campus in Storrs.

"Now it’s just this one row right here, and also last year it was significantly cheaper to park in S-Lot," said junior Myles Mocarski, one of many students surprised by smaller lots and pricier parking passes. "I wasn’t sure if I was going to buy the permit actually, because I think it was at least $100 more."

Some students are parking father away from the center of campus. Others are taking their chances and parking in illegal spots.

"People get tickets all the time. It’s a thing," said junior Mark Tomah, who has already gotten two tickets despite having a parking permit.

The permit cost him $230. The ticket are $30 apiece.

"There are a lot of (parking) lots that are not included in that commuter pass," he explained.

Tomah said the lots where his pass was valid were already full, so he had to park farther away.

"If I want to park, I need to park and then take a bus to class anyway, so it kind of defeats the purpose of having a car," Tomah said.

A university spokesperson said it’s not unusual for students to have trouble learning where and when they can park at the beginning of the school year.

Therefore officers "liberally issued warnings in the first week of the semester, and that helps students avoid parking mistakes in the future."

Those warnings do not carry a fine. But Tomah said he’s learned the hard way that having a car on campus isn’t as convenient as it seems.

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