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‘Very Proud' Parents of Dr. Miguel Cardona Speak About Son's Historic Nomination

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Just over 300 miles from the US Capitol, Wednesday a house in Meriden was filled with pride as the parents of education secretary nominee Dr. Miguel Cardona watched the inauguration of the president who gave their son his historic appointment.

“I’m very excited. Very proud, proud daddy. Not only me. But it brings Meriden to the map and our hometown in Puerto Rico,” said Hector Manuel Cardona, Dr. Miguel Cardona’s father.

Hector and Sarah Cardona have been preparing for their son to take a seat in the cabinet of the president of the United States. They’ve been proud of his accomplishments for a while, watching his rise from teacher to state education commissioner. But this latest accomplishment means more than they could’ve imagined.

“When he got made commissioner of education for the state, that was a big thing. I thought where can he go from here? Surprisingly Washington,” said Hector.

The magnitude of Cardona’s nomination is not lost on his parents who came to Connecticut from Puerto Rico. Cardona is set to be part of a historically diverse cabinet and his parents hope it sends a message to children in our state and worldwide.

“Him being Latino, it's going to show that no matter where you come from, it does not matter where you come from. If you want to do it, you can do it. Color does not matter."

The Cardonas say they’re simply overjoyed as their child soars to the heights of his field with a plan to help the nation’s children do the same.

“You can do it if you want. The doors are always open. You have to reach for it,” said Hector Cardona.

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