Victim Meeting Date in New Haven Gets Car Stolen

New Haven Police

A man who thought he was going on a date with a woman he met online had his car stolen in New Haven on Saturday. 

At 7:15 a.m., police went to investigate a robbery on Winthop Avenue.

Witnesses told police that a man with a handgun began fighting the victim and pushing him toward a building. When the suspect tries to retrieve the handgun knocked from his hand, the victim was able to get away, according to police. 

When police found the 27-year-old victim from Wallingford, he told officers he went to New Haven to meet up with woman he met online for a date. The victim was instructed to wait in the ally when instead of being approached by a woman, he was attacked by an armed man.

The victim's 2000 black Honda Civic was stolen when he fled. 

Police were able to locate the stolen Honda on East Street driving toward Humphrey Street filled with people. The driver led police on a short pursuit before crashing on Sherman Avenue, police said.

Fred Adams, 21, and Shayvon Avery Bethea-Frazier, 20, were both charged with marijuana possession charges, however, no one has been charged with carjacking.

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