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Video Shows Police Rescue Man From Swift Current in Guilford

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Guilford police rescued a man who fell into the water while crabbing and was almost swept away into a sluice pipe on Leetes Island Road early Wednesday morning.

Police said officers responded to a 911 call from the man's wife, who has holding onto him to prevent him from being swept away by the strong current and into the pipe, which runs under the road.

When officers arrived they tied a rope to the victim to help pull him to safety.

Video shows the water rushing around the victim as his rescuers work to secure a line and help him climb out.

Police said the victim's wife was able to call 911 using SIRI while she held on to him. Using 911 tracing technology, police were able to find the pair in time.

There are many of these sluice pipes along the shore and they can be very dangerous. As tides go in and out, the current is so strong even experienced swimmers can be swept away. The pipes narrow under the roadway, so it's possible for a victim to get stuck.

Police said they have responded to three of these incidents in Leetes Island Road in the last two years, and remind the public to stay away from these areas while fishing, crabbing, clamming or any other water activity. Police said the victim in this case fell into the water from another area and was swept along by the current.

"This was a job well done by the victim who stayed calm, his wife who was able to call 911 and hold on to him, and the swift efforts of Ofc. Dillon and Ofc. Mastriano who were able to pull him to safety," Guilford police posted on Facebook.

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