Yale Holds Rally in Support of Ferguson, Missouri

People gathered Tuesday afternoon at Yale University in New Haven for a protest and march in support of Ferguson, Missouri, the St. Louis suburb where Michael Brown was shot and killed by police on Aug. 9.

Protesters, carrying signs with sayings such as "Hands Up, Don't Shoot," said oppression is a problem nationwide and want to call attention to it.

"Watching what's happening in Missouri every day on the news and not seeing anything happen on the Yale campus made us feel like it wasn't something we could stay quiet about," said march organizer Henry Chapman.

Demonstrators marched peacefully into downtown New Haven, led by police officers, and sat quietly with their hands held up after arriving at the New Haven Green.

They hoped their silent protest would show that the situation in Ferguson affects more than one city.

"I think discrimination and examples of inequality happen all over the nation, as well as all over the world, and although we're not in the same setting as we were in the '60s or '50s, when people were fighting for civil rights – I think it's a little bit more covert and insidious today – and I think it needs to be addressed," said Yale student Patricia Okonta.

New Haven and Yale police officers provided traffic control to keep demonstrators safe.

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