Water Conservation Alert Issued to Manchester Residents and Businesses

NBC 5 News

The Town of Manchester Water Department has issued a water conservation alert to residents, businesses and institutions in town.

Officials said the anyone who uses the potable water supply is asked to conserve water because the town's reservoirs have dropped to 77.3 percent capacity from the lack of rain and general water usage.

The town also says this year's average rain fall is behind the annual average. Increased precipitation will reverse the need for further conservation efforts as fall weather approaches.

The conservation alert asks users to be mindful of water usage by taking shorter showers, running dishwashers and washing machines only with full loads, shutting off water while washing hands, shaving and brushing teeth and minimizing the watering of lawns and gardens.

Residents are also asked to avoid powerwashing homes, sidewalks and driveways and are asked to not refill swimming pools.

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